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World Cleanup Day 2022 at Ciel & Terre


On the 17th of September 2022, Ciel & Terre participated for the third time in the Clean Up Day. For this third edition, we have internationalised our action and involved the group’s subsidiaries. On this occasion, we share with you insights on the waste issue and how to mobilise to fight against it.

World Cleanup day France

Waste is a crucial issue for the environment.

2 billions tons of wastes
+70% by 2050

Almost 2 billion tons of waste are already produced worldwide every year. Unfortunately, the trend is for an overall increase in this annual production. Indeed, an increase of 70% is estimated by 2050, which will lead to 3.4 billion tonnes of waste being produced.

A single plastic bottle can take between 100 and 1000 years to degrade in nature. That’s why it is imperative and essential for all organisations to act at their own level without waiting for legal obligations. Cleanup Day has not yet reached its target of mobilising 5% of the population of each country on the World Day. It has also been hampered by the Covid-19 crisis with a significant drop in the number of volunteers since the 2020 edition. However, make the numbers lie is our common daily work to safeguard the planet we live on. Let’s mobilise to surpass previous years in every way!

What is World Cleanup Day?

Each year this citizen event takes place in September and involves millions of volunteers around the world. The primary objective of this action is to collect rubbish abandoned in nature as well as to educate and raise awareness about their proliferation in our daily life.
This initiative was born in Estonia 15 years ago thanks to the motivation of Rainer Nõlvak. He is the initiator of the Let’s Do It! World movement1 and has allowed its spread around the world over the years.

The Cleanup day : A collective and easily replicable action

At Ciel & Terre, we are committed to contributing to the movement. The urgency of preserving biodiversity and being. Considering the urgency of preserving our environment and biodiversity, we act for being even more implicated in the cause. One of our means is to be responsible for our waste in our everyday life at our offices but also by participating in major events such as The World Clean-up Day.

If you also want to participate and do your bit, the World Clean-up Day website offers several solutions and tools. Whether it’s on your own or with your organisation, you can create your own clean-up or join an existing one. Online tutorials, practical guides and even communication kits are available to make the organisation of the event accessible. If you wish, you can also call on association volunteers to help you run your event.

The mobilization of all Ciel & Terreans worldwide for the World Cleanup

For this third edition, we have internationalised our action and involved the group’s subsidiaries. Our French and Japan offices for example have organised a clean-up nearby their office area. On top of that, other subsidiaries such as Taiwan and India are planning a Cleanup before the end of the year.

Clean up day
Clean up day
Clean up day
Clean up day

In parallel to this event, the members of Ciel & Terre are committed to the preservation of the environment daily. Both internally by contributing to the global energy transition and with scrupulous waste management as much as possible. Every action counts to preserve our ecosystem and the Ciel & Terreans are also active in their daily lives.

Many of them follow the 3R principle, which is to Reduce waste as much as possible, Reuse where possible and Recycle. For example, consider getting your own water bottle and buy in bulk whenever possible! Reducing packaging and single-use plastics is a daily struggle that you can succeed by refusing the sales receipts when you go shopping.

Do you want to reduce your impact too?

Discover the Ciel & Terreans’ tips and tricks to achieve zero waste in this article : Our teams tips!

Let’s Do it! World is a non-governmental organisation and an accredited member of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The foundation is behind the World Cleanup Day movement and encourages individuals and businesses to take these initiatives to the local level. 

By Manon, Marketing



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