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Our products are
Innovative and reliable,
To meet your needs.

Years of innovation in floating solar


Tests done on parts and components

We can adapt to a variety of pond types with reliable and bankable products.

Our solutions are designed based on our continuous R&D involvement, which started years ago. They are tested by trustful partners, and they are used in more than 290 floating solar projects around the world.

Our teams analyse your project, and they select the most appropriate technology and floating PV plant configuration considering your needs and the conditions of your pond site.

Our products
are all

UV floating solar

UV-stabilized up to 30 years*

*Maximum depending on the
conditions of the site
Harsh conditions - Ciel&Terre

Resistant to harsh environmental conditions

Drinking water compliant - Ciel & Terre

Drinking-water compliant*

*We test our raw material to
reach BS 6920:2000 standard

Hydrelio aiR range

Hydrelio aiR

Main float

Hydrelio aiR

PV modules and fixations

secondary float

Secondary floats

Connexion pin FPV

Connection pins

Maintenance row for FPV


Our product range can fit large frame PV modules (M6 to M12) up to 700 W

• Compatible with multiple types of ponds and adapted to variable environmental conditions
• Available in several sizes
• PV module fixation system available in 5° and 12°
• Maintenance floats for an easy maintenance access
• North or south orientation for optimal production depending on your hemisphere
• East-west dual orientation possible
PEHD products material

One product material : HDPE

• Recyclable
• Great buoyancy

Connection pin for Hydrelio products

The connection pins to simplify FPV assembly:

• Certified NFT 58 000
• Reinforced with fiberglass

Our products to ease maintenance:

• Floats design to offer you maximum comfort for walking on the plant and carrying out maintenance work

Tested to withstand environmental loads

Waves floating solar


Up to 2m high
Depending on wave length and
with our wave breaker
Wind floating solar


Up to 210 km/h or 130 mph
Equivalent to a wind pressure of 1625 pascal
Corrosion floating solar


100 MWp in C5 environment
500 MWp in C3/C4

As per the classification
standard ISO EN12994-2
Snow floating solar

Snow & cold

Temperatures between -10°C/14°F and 50°C/F
Snow load over 350N/m2


Our teams have designed solutions to manage the electrical
equipment of the FPV plants to offer you a straight and turnkey installation.

Electrical device supports

Products for Junction box support FPV

Possible products configurations

FPV configuration single row

Single row

To maximize the maintenance comfort
FPV configuration 2-In-a-row


For good maintenance comfort
FPV configuration 4-In-a-row


To reach a maximum yield

Considering the PV module size, our teams will recommend the best configuration.

On field

Gongguan, Taiwan
4.3 MWp

PV module :
– 380 W
– 72 cells

Gongguan Taiwan Ciel & Terre

Hydrelio®, more than a product…

We systematically design the floating PV plant and the anchoring plan along
with supplying our products.

Anchoring by Ciel & Terre


Anchoring FPV
Saha Park, Thailande – 480 kWp
Hybrid anchoring (bank and bottom) | Deadweights
Along with our anchoring design
expertise, we master anchoring
installation in numerous countries.
We are able to set up any
anchoring systems, bank as
well as bottom.
Anchoring FPV
Anhui CECEP, Chine – 70 MWp
Bottom anchoring | Screws
Anchoring FPV
Don Sai, Thailande – 1.9 MWp
Bank anchoring | Percussive earth-driven anchors


Parabolic mooring line

Customized FPV anchoring
In addition to developping floating solar products, we apply our innovative spirit
to anchoring too so that the solutions we
propose are the most adapted to your
site’s constraints.

For instance, we pioneered the parabolic mooring system,
which we can design and
install for your floating PV project
when needed and applicable.

Pillar anchoring

Customized FPV anchoring
We have developed an innovative
anchoring solution for dry ponds and
ponds where the water level
regularly fluctuates.

This pillar anchoring system
guarantees an optimal FPV plant lifetime
on such ponds.

Does your pond present specific constraints, like particular wave or snow loads, or it can dry out? Discover how to remove these constraints with our solutions.

Complementary products


Your electrical station on water

Ciel & Terre Floating barge products
Ciel & Terre Floating barge products
Ciel & Terre Floating barge products
We offer you the floating barge solution to safely install inverters and transformers on water.

Thanks to this system we minimise the electrical losses due to the cable distance between the FPV plants and the banks.


  • Safety equipment included
  • Lampposts included
  • Reliable components :
• Marine-grade steel with hot-dip galvanisation
• Class approved material
• Superior resin
• Composite materials tested and certified with accredited partner laboratories
• Freshwater compliant

A modular and durable solution

  • A robust structure
  • Polymer reinforced with fiberglass
  • Customization of the FPV barge is possible according to site conditions
  • Design and product certified by RINA, independent expert, as compliant with – Rules for the
    Classification of Ships with Reinforced Plastic, Aluminium Alloy or Woode Hulls
  • 5-year warranty included

Installation and maintenance made easy

  • Easy transport and quick assembly
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy access

Our test policy

Our solutions are innovative and designed for optimised performance. Their reliability expresses itself via the numerous projects in which they are used around the world, and it is proven by the tests they pass.

In-house products’ tests

To continuously enhance the performance of our floating solar solutions, we have established our own Research lab.
We validate products, evaluate projects and test products under development. The tests assess the relevancy and the longevity of the solutions we offer you.
As an example, we have developed specific test benches:

  • Tensile bench with ‘Heating and Cooling’ chamber
  • PFS (Panel Fixation System) Bench
  • Wave Fatigue Bench
Product Lab Ciel & Terre
Banc de traction avec chambre climatique Ciel & Terre

Tensile bench with ‘Heating and Cooling’ chamber

The mechanical strength of the product is evaluated
under different environmental conditions to understand and
replicate wind / load parameters present at
every floating solar site.

Banc PFS Ciel & Terre

PFS (Panel Fixation System) Bench

The fixation system is a critical factor for the life of a floating
solar plant. To check its precision, the system is analysed for
maximum tension, compression, and fatigue loads.

Test Lab Ciel & Terre

Wave Fatigue Bench

Wind and waves are the biggest loads that will affect a
floating solar plant. Using the know-how related to our
wave fatigue bench we accurately evaluate our products’
resistance to these loads.

We also have test sites.

Test pond Ciel & Terre

Test site in France

They enable us to evaluate our product developments under real site conditions.

Test pond Ciel & Terre

Monitoring site in Japan

We monitor some real-scale projects to study different points of consideration for floating PV plants.

Our technical partners

In addition to our own test materials, our floating solar and anchoring solutions are validated by qualified companies and labs.

Onera Ciel & Terre


Institut Mines-Télécom  Ciel & Terre

Test labs

Cetim Ciel & Terre


On field

The technical performance of our products and the durability and reliability of our solutions are also verified by their deployment worldwide under various site conditions.
See our references

Our floating PV plant and anchoring design methods have also been validated by certified entities to guarantee the quality of our expertise.
Know more

Gongguan Taiwan  Ciel & Terre

Product recognition


Our Hydrelio® technology was granted the « International Efficient Solution » label by the Solar Impulse Foundation. It awarded it a durable and profitable solution.

SOLAR IMPULSE Efficient Solution

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