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14.5 MWp more of floating solar projects in France by Ciel & Terre


Ciel & Terre totalized the equivalent of 14.5MWp of floating solar projects build in France in 2022. The french company has completed the construction of its latest projects in the south of France. The Montpezat floating solar project added 3.5MW more to the French track record of Ciel & Terre.

14.5MWp of floating solar projects by Ciel & Terre in France: we provide turnkey solutions for your floating solar projects

A year after the official comeback of Ciel & Terre on the French floating solar market (previously conducted in partnership with Akuo), the FPV pioneer has already built 14.5MWp in France in 2022. Indeed, French team has carried out through 2022 the construction of 3 floating projects with a capacity of 5MWp, 6MWp and 3.5MWp.

floating solar projects in France Ciel & Terre 2022

Image: Antonin, Construction manager in the EMEA region walking on the plant 

​Their distinctive features? Ciel & Terre EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) offers a full floating scope of services. Indeed, with more than 300 power plants installed worldwide, the company has developed a complete approach to floating solar project including :

  • the engineering of the power plant and its anchoring,
  • the supply of the floating structure and anchoring systems,
  • the anchoring work, the assembly of the floats and PV panels,
  • and the launching of the floating island.

Beyond supplying the floating structure, the company has expanded its associated services. The team develops its human and material resources and adaptes its processes to offer full support to EPCs and developers.

Montpezat, the new floating PV project installed by Ciel & Terre in France in 2022

The benefit of building floating solar on a quarry lake

The Montpezat project is installed a former gravel pit lake which is no longer in operation in the south of France. Indeed, floating solar activity enables to offer a great alternative to rehabilitate the site by producing green energy.

The construction of Montpezat floating solar power plant

This project is developed by Amarenco and built by GenSun alongside Ciel & Terre for the construction of the floating PV platform. In total, the project represents 4.8MWp and is composed of 2 parts: a ground-mounted of 1.5MWp and a floating of 3.3MWp. On this project, Ciel & Terre’s scope starts from :

  • the dimensioning of the floating platform,
  • the anchoring system,
  • the supply of the material,
  • the installation of the anchors as well as the assembly of the floating platform with the solar panels.

​”During the construction phase, we had to adapt to certain external events, particularly due to the extreme heat wave we faced during summer in France in 2022” explains Antonin Lefebvre, Construction Manager at Ciel & Terre. “Indeed, with these high temperatures, we had to adapt and adjust the working hours. So we decided to start the work earlier in the morning to take advantage of the cooler weather. We succeed to do so while respecting the deadlines, i.e. a construction completion scheduled for early September“.

Montpezat France floating PV projects Ciel & Terre 2022

Image: Montpezat floating solar project under construction

The anchoring and mooring challenge of Montpezat floating PV plant

Ciel & Terre solution for the anchoring system

​In addition, since the lake’s extraction activity had not been operational for several years, the lake soil was harder than expected. Ciel & Terre’s anchoring teams found solutions in adapting anchors and tools to allow a better penetration into the ground.

Ensuring long-term reliability: Ciel & Terre expertise in floating solar power solutions

Our commitment is to provide seamless service to our clients, to adapt to site conditions and to ensure the longevity and reliability of the system for over 30 years. Thanks to the knowledge we have accumulated over the past 12 years and our experience with floating power plants installed on a wide diversity of sites, we are able to offer the right solution to our clients, both upstream and onsite” adds Vincent Grumetz, Ciel & Terre EMEA Director. Today, the construction of the floating solar power plant is achieved and the project has been fully completed in January 2023. Discover the story of the construction of Montpezat floating solar poject in video.

Montpezat floating solar project in France by Ciel & Terre in 2022

Image: Montpezat floating solar project completed

About Ciel & Terre, world leader in floating solar power

Founded in France in 2006, Ciel & Terre was specialized in the development and installation of rooftop and ground-mounted solar power plants in France and in La Reunion. In 2010, the company developed the concept of “solar on water” with its innovative and patented Hydrelio® technology: the first industrialized floating solar system in the world. Floating solar is a direct answer to the lack of space and land use conflicts. Ciel & Terre develops its projects on artificial ponds such as hydroelectric dams, water treatment or irrigation reservoirs, quarry lakes etc. The Hydrelio® solution is easy to install and has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of site conditions. Ciel & Terre provides a complete turnkey solution from the engineering of the plant and its anchoring to its installation and maintenance. Today, the company has more than 300 projects in the world, representing a total of 1GWp.

By Chloe, Marketing



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