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[C&T PEOPLE] Head of Supply at Ciel & Terre Taiwan | Serge


Supply testimony

What made you want to join Ciel & Terre?

I have been working in an international aerospace company for more than 8 years. I have expanded my experience in supply chain management and procurement management, but I have always been passionate about renewable energy. Today the Earth, our world needs more renewable energy or clean energy to be able to save our future. When I discovered Ciel & Terre I knew this is the future for the solar energy, by connecting a floating system and PV panels for solar energy. I know that is the opportunity to bring my experiences and improvement to Ciel & Terre.

What is your role within Ciel & Terre?

I am the Operation department manager at Ciel & Terre Taiwan. I am responsible of 3 different sections: Procurement, Industry, and Quality. My main mission is to handle the on-time delivery of projects, with good quality and good cost. I am also responsible for providing solution resources for the teams and help them in case of obstacles.

Can you describe your typical day as Head of Supply?

On my average day of work, once at the office it starts with a daily QRQC (Quick Response Quality) meeting with each team to manage the progress of projects.  After lunch, it can be an internal or external project meeting, management decision making or team support. At the end of the day, creative and analysis work helps me do my brainstorming for the next day!

What drives you at work? What do you particularly appreciate in your job as engineer?

I am particularly motivated by our work context: our office is an open space, so the discussions can be done directly, and all kinds of discussion and innovation are welcome. But what I appreciate the most is that our teams are well in accepting all kinds of challenges to meet the projects’ demands and improvement.

What do you consider your biggest achievement?

The most memorable moments for me are when we are facing difficulties with tight delivery schedules for instance. Indeed, all the teams and suppliers give a lot of support to satisfy the demand and take up the challenges. At the end, we manage and put the limit to the next level on all production schedules.

What has been the most memorable moment since you joined the company?

The biggest achievement is that we finished to deliver around 50MW in a short period of 3 months with 3 different locations, and with only 3 weeks approximately to prepare the production line. Today we are still pushing the limits to achieve more in the future.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your experience in Ciel & Terre?

It is that everything is possible. You can sometimes face lags, production  , or other issues, but everything is possible. By processing innovation and being in involved in continuous improvement, we can do more.

According to you, what are Ciel & Terre’s spirit and most important values?

Cross-cultural, international, and professional are our most important values for Ciel & Terre. We are providing floating solar solutions to bring more renewable energy to the world and we are skilled and professional at this. And that is why and how we succeed.

Supply testimony

What do you think the future will be like in 10 years?

10 years is not a long period of time but not short either, I could not imagine that the world would be locked down by the current pandemic 10 years ago for example. Today what I hope for the next 10 years is that people could solve the climate change and globe warming issue, which is one of the biggest problems that we are facing. Let’s provide a clean and blue sky for us and our children.

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