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[C&T PEOPLE] R&D engineer at Ciel & Terre India | Sampath


R&D engineer testimony

What made you want to join Ciel & Terre?

In the past, I was working as a Finite element analysis (FEA) engineer and supported a reputed Transportation company. I was interested to work in renewable energy, that is when I got to know this industry called “Floating solar.”  The term Floating solar was new to me and urged me to know more about that. That created a curiosity to join my hands to Ciel & Terre which helps the world to generate renewable energy without disturbing the nature.  

What is your role within Ciel & Terre?

I am working here as an R&D engineer to support the simulation activities and make sure the design is satisfactory to proceed further. Also, I am working on a Maintenance system project.

Can you describe your typical day?

I start at 9.30 am. I check the mails and meetings and schedule my work accordingly on priority basis. The work consists in design, analysis, attending the meetings, contacting the suppliers and follow up, supplier visits etc. At the end of the day, I plan the next day’s activities. 

What drives you at work? What do you particularly appreciate in your job as engineer?

As an R&D engineer, we can expect a variety of challenges every day.  Sometimes I alone could not find a solution and team effort supports a lot. Contribution from them makes it easier to find a solution and time is saved. Along with that, lot more suggestions are given that helps to rectify similar situations in future.  

What do you consider your biggest achievement or the most memorable moment since you joined the company?

I have created a solution for maintenance system. In spite of the concerns met during the prototyping phase, we did everything to provide an optimised solution. It was a great achievement which I consider as my biggest.

What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your experience in Ciel & Terre?

“Make the impossible to possible” is the most important thing I have learned from my experience. To do that, we must analyse the points which are challenging us. Solving each of them leads to solve the whole thing.  

According to you, what are Ciel & Terre’s spirit and most important values?

“Innovation and dedication towards it” is the principle which drives Ciel & Terre. 

R&D engineer testimony

What do you think the future will be like in 10 years?

Nowadays, Green energy is a concept which is famous around the globe. Most of us use a lot of electrical equipment which requires power. Renewable energy has started to bloom to satisfy the needs. I am sure that in the future, Ciel & Terre will be contributing even more to satisfy the demand.  

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