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The journey of Marie Bonte, floating solar project manager at Ciel & Terre


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Marie Bonte works as a project manager for Ciel & Terre in Europe team. Previously Supply & Logistics manager, she has brilliantly shifted her job to become project manager. Discover her rich experience, from her arrival in the company in 2010 to her first project as project manager in 2023.

The beginning of the journey of Marie Bonte at Ciel & Terre

What made you want to join Ciel & Terre, and when did you join?

I was looking for a job in construction and environment after graduating from my engineering school in Lille, HEI (now Junia, Hautes Etudes d’Ingénieur). I get to know Ciel & Terre, which was developing rooftop solar installations at that time. After several interviews, I finally joined the company in 2010.

In 2010, when you joined Ciel & Terre team, what was your first job?

At that time, I was project manager on the operational part of project development while my colleague was handling the administrative part. I handled this mission until 2013, when we had our first floating solar project in Japan. Afterwards, from that milestone, I worked as a supply manager worldwide for Ciel & Terre. Throughout the years, Ciel & Terre’s teams grew around the world, and so did local supply teams. In 2021, I continued my job as a supply manager but dedicated to Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.

Watch the video to know more about supply management at Ciel & Terre with Marie:

Why did your job evolve from worldwide to European supply?

At Ciel & Terre, we have at heart to supply our floating systems as close as possible to the projects. That’s why the supply chain needs to be managed locally by each of our subsidiaries. For instance for French projects, most of our manufacturing partners are here, in France. It enables us to be reactive and adapt our deliveries to the production needs. After validating that our products meet our specifications, we ship them to various assembly sites. I worked closely with our production and transport partners, but also with the project manager and construction manager in order to respect the project schedule and the assembly pace.

From supply management to project management

Can you tell us more about your new project manager position?

Today I am floating solar project manager for the same regions. It implies to conduct the work smoothly. To do so, my main missions are:

  • Animate the relationships with the client,
  • Am the warrant that the project team (supply, logistics, construction, project engineering) match the planning and budget,
  • Anticipate problems and solve them beforehand.

Most of the time, we provide an all-in-one floating system, which means Ciel & Terre manages all the steps from project design to construction, including the floating platform and anchoring design, as well as supply. It makes us efficient in understanding technics and constraints, and capable of adapting well to on-field reality. For our clients it means a smooth and easy process dealing with one contact point, in charge of the successful completion of the floating solar system.

Currently, I’m managing the construction of Saint Savin floating solar project in France along with the dedicated construction manager.

Read the latest press release about Saint Savin floating solar project:

Daphnee Bouquet Ciel & Terre HQ

How did this job career evolution happen?

The company was looking for a new project manager to work in the Europe team. I was offered the position of project manager by the Director of the team. I wanted to take up new challenges and try the job.

The valuable experience of Marie Bonte at Ciel & Terre: her learnings and experience

How would you describe this shift in job?

Of course, I can rely on my 14-year experience at Ciel & Terre, very helpful to interact with the internal and external stakeholders of projects and understand their relationships. However, my missions as a project manager differ from my initial missions as supply manager. I rediscovered my company in a certain way. Nevertheless, some qualities required as a project manager are quite similar to the supply manager’s though.

What qualities are required to be a project or supply manager at Ciel & Terre?

First of all, organization is crucial because I act as an orchestra conductor. In supply it meant handling the process from parts manufacturing to the delivery onsite. As project manager, it is rather the same but downstream: from our solutions’ delivery onsite to the completion of the projects. Anytime, I have to make sure that everyone follows the same tempo.

Afterward, another strength in these two positions is to build a network of reliable partners. Indeed, this is a service job. So, we have to work has a team, hand in hand, no matter the company we belong to.

Finally, these jobs are also full of unexpected events, so reactivity is a major asset. Sometimes I only have a few hours to adapt to new circumstances. However, my objective remains the same: find the right solution, whether it was to deliver on time or to overcome challenges.

How did the company help you with this new challenge?

My team has been very supportive, and above all they trusted me. The first weeks I was dreaming about my new job… but they helped me go through this transition as smoothly and quickly as possible. 😉

What is your best memory at Ciel & Terre so far?

For a long time, my best memory has been the shipping of our first containers to Japan in 2013 when I was working only in supply. It was a very stressful moment but so exciting! More recently, a precious memory that will remain long at the top of my mind is when Vincent Grumetz offered me the position of floating solar project manager. I felt moved and boosted by this trust and the challenge.

MARIE, FPV project manager & LAURA, marketing

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